How It All Began

The roots of Harvest Hills Ranch run deep, grounded in generations of farming heritage and a profound understanding of nutrition. For me, farming isn’t just a livelihood—it’s a legacy passed down through seven generations, woven into the very fabric of my being. But legacy alone isn’t enough to fuel meaningful change.

Over fifteen years of clinical practice, I witnessed firsthand the profound struggles individuals faced with food—struggles born from a lack of knowledge, access, and a healthy relationship with nourishment. Their battles ignited a fire within me.

In 2017, fueled by the unwavering support of my wife Leah, we embarked on a transformative journey. We made a pivotal decision: to pivot our approach, to amplify our message, and to redefine our impact. Harvest Hills Ranch was born—a beacon of hope and empowerment in the realm of nutrition and holistic health. Our mission remains steadfast: to not just support, but to empower individuals on their journey to optimal well-being. This isn’t just a farm—it’s a movement, a testament to the power of purpose-driven action

What sets Harvest Hills Ranch apart?

It’s our unwavering commitment to excellence, rooted in a profound understanding that the context of our actions shapes their impact.

At Harvest Hills Ranch, we don’t just raise livestock; we meticulously cultivate entire ecosystems, driven by one guiding question: ‘How can we optimize nutrition to enhance both animal and human health?’

Our passion goes beyond profit; it’s about purpose. We recognize that by producing exceptional food, we can nourish far more individuals than I ever could in a clinical setting alone. This isn’t just a job—it’s our calling, our way of life.

Transparency isn’t a buzzword for us; it’s a cornerstone. We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards. And our commitment to environmental stewardship is non-negotiable—we’re constantly striving to leave our world better than we found it.

Join us on a journey of reconnection—to food, to purpose, to a better way of living. Let Harvest Hills Ranch be your guide.”

Core Values

1. **Transparent**: “At Harvest Hills Ranch, transparency isn’t just a buzzword – it’s our way of life. We live and breathe the same standards we uphold for our customers, ensuring that every product reflects our commitment to quality over quantity.”
2. **Environmentally Attentive**: “Our stewardship of the land is guided by a profound respect for nature’s balance. Every decision made at Harvest Hills Ranch considers its environmental footprint, striving to create a landscape that honors and preserves God’s intricate design.”
3. **Convenient**: “In a world where fast food often trumps nutrition, we challenge the status quo by making healthy choices more accessible than ever. At Harvest Hills Ranch, convenience doesn’t compromise quality; it enhances it, ensuring that nutritious options are always within reach for our customers.

Uncompromising Nutrition

Dr. Hill’s journey from patient care to farming represents a radical fusion of experience and expertise spanning over two decades. Drawing from a rich background in functional nutrition and regenerative farming, he pioneers a unique approach, crafting nutrition tailored for both humans and animals alike.

In our operation, precision reigns supreme. With meticulous attention to detail, we eschew fillers and toxins, crafting feed formulations customized for our chickens, ducks, and turkeys. Every ingredient is scrutinized to ensure only the highest quality, honing in on raw elements to deliver unparalleled nutrition.

Nature is our guide, and our commitment to authenticity is unwavering. Our beef is exclusively grass-finished, honoring the innate wisdom of natural growth. We abide by a strict ethos: we consume only what we produce.

Unlike the conventional market, we refuse to peddle our products by the pound. Such a model epitomizes the industry’s decay—a race to the bottom, sacrificing nutritional integrity for mass production. We reject shortcuts and abhorrent living conditions for our animals. Each creature is celebrated for its uniqueness; every product varies in size, shaped by the seasons and the land it inhabits.

“Real food” defies uniformity; it resists the confines of mass manufacturing. We embrace imperfection as a testament to authenticity. Our focus lies not in illusions of perfection but in the nourishment our food provides and the symbiotic relationship between our animals, the land, and our bodies.

No smoke, no mirrors—just honest, unadulterated sustenance. We make no false promises or claims about our practices. Our commitment is simple: real food, as intended by the divine God.

Harvest Hills Ranch – Who We Are
Don’t you deserve to know where your food comes from? Who produces your food and what are their standards? Dr. Arland and Leah Hill introduce Harvest Hills Ranch. A little bit of humor mixed with the truth you have been looking for is just what you will find in this video. “It all starts with food.”

Harvest Hills Ranch – Take a Ride

Take a ride with Dr. Arland Hill as he and Leah go to pick up minerals for their cattle. These are not just any minerals, but free choice minerals. Cows can choose the right minerals to meet their nutritional needs without human intervention. Watching this video will change your mind about what is quality beef beyond simply selecting grass fed. There is a difference! Dr. Arland Hill and Leah Hill

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