Grass Finished Beef Brisket

Grass Finished Beef Brisket


Bring this Texas tradition to your home

  1. Marinate over night. Marinade ingredients: Organic Worcestershire Sauce, Real salt, Onion powder, smoked peppercorn sage rub.
  2. Place the Brisket in parchment paper and wrap.
  3. Place wrapped brisket in a mesh tray. Cook time 4 hours 30 min. Heat grill to 185 degrees.(3-4lbs brisket) Low and slow!
  4. Flip your brisket one time half way during the total cook time. Add any left over marinade to the brisket.

    Look for a good bark on the outside of your brisket. Larger Brisket add an additional 30 minutes.

    Let your meat rest for 45-60 minutes.

  5. Slice against the grain.

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