Cooking with Leah



Grass-Fed Finished Beef

Requires 30% less cooking time because grass-fed finished beef has a lower fat content and higher protein level than conventional corn-fed, commodity beef.

When using a recipe not calling for grass-fed finished beef, cut the cooking time by a third and check the meat frequently. When using an oven, lower the oven temperature by about 50°F. To prepare your meat, use a lower temp and cook slower to get a juicy and tender finished product. Our steaks are best when eaten rare to medium-rare.

Pastured Poultry

Our Chickens and Turkeys are active on fresh grass every day, foraging, scratching, and dusting. This means they are using their muscles to peck and forage in our pastures.

In general, when cooking our pastured poultry, we recommend looking for recipes that use traditional and rustic techniques, such as slow roasting or braising. For example, many classic Italian, Vietnamese, and French recipes, work great with our poultry because just like the fowl used in those countries, our birds have an active life.

Recipe Cards