2 Dozen Eggs Duck

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If you have a family to feed, or just enjoy our true pasture-raised eggs then you’ll love our package of 2 Dozen Duck eggs.

2- Dozen Duck Eggs

Orders cannot only contain eggs.

  • Delivered Safe & Fresh to your door!
  • Because of our ethical and sustainable farming practices, we can assure the quality and taste are unbeatable.
  • Non-GMO feed we guarantee we never use antibiotics, feeding drugs, or GMO grains.
  • Orders cannot only contain eggs.
  • We are not a part of the monopolized term "Pastured Raised" as this term does not meet our standards. Our birds are in our open range eating bugs and forage all day, and placed in our protection trailer at night for predator protection. We use Dr. Hills custom feed formulation to maximize the animals, and our human health.

  • Our open range birds and Grass Finished Beef are on lush forage that is not sprayed by toxic inputs of any kind. They are never exposed to fluoride or any toxic medications in the water system. We use filtered well water straight from the earth.

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2 Dozen Eggs Duck