Beef Ground Su-eat Blend 1lb

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Great with anything! Simply use as regular ground meat. You don't know what your missing!! Try it and you'll love it!!

The label will show Ground Beef

1 Su-eat Blend-.*customer favorite it's back!!! 5% suet and 95% ground .(1lb packages)

*We do not submerge our beef in bleach solution. We use organic hydrogen peroxide; this causes the moisture in the package to form crystals.

Suet is Nutrient Dense.

Suet is rich in fat-soluble bio-available vitamins A, D, E, K, and B1. Fat-soluble vitamins in Suet are easily absorbed into the body when eaten with protein.

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  • We are not a part of the monopolized term "Grass Fed" as this term does not meet our standards. All cows eat grass, this is an empty term. It is how they are finished that matters.

  • Our open range birds and Grass Finished Beef are on lush forage that is not sprayed by toxic inputs of any kind. They are never exposed to fluoride or any toxic medications in the water system. We use filtered well water straight from the earth.

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