Beef Tallow Jar 8oz

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For Cooking, Baking & Frying

1-8oz glass jar.

Grass fed & Grass-Finished Beef: Tallow Raised on a diverse pastures, our beef is second to none in flavor and nutrient-density.

Will stay stable in the refrigerator once opened for 2 months if not contaminated by other food particles. *Do not freeze jar.

Tallow: Non-Inflammatory With A High Smoke Point.

Beef tallow clarified / rendered form, Beef Tallow is healthier and stable alternatives to industrially processed inflammation causing seed and vegetable oils. Like Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil, Soybean Oil, and Peanut Oil. All of these oils use chemical solvents in their extraction process and become highly unstable, producing oxidized cancer-causing free radicals when heated. Suet and Tallow are more stable and have a high smoke point of almost 400 °F / 200 °C.

Tallow is Nutrient Dense. Tallow is rich in fat-soluble bio-available vitamins A, D, E, K, and B1. Fat-soluble vitamins in tallow are easily absorbed into the body when eaten with protein.

  • We are not a part of the monopolized term "Grass Fed" as this term does not meet our standards. All cows eat grass, this is an empty term. It is how they are finished that matters.

  • Our open range birds and Grass Finished Beef are on lush forage that is not sprayed by toxic inputs of any kind. They are never exposed to fluoride or any toxic medications in the water system. We use filtered well water straight from the earth.

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