Italian Medium heat Seasoning

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1-HHR Flavor Wagon Italian Medium Heat Seasoning 4.0oz jar.

Use 2 tsp seasoning per 1 lb ground beef, chicken, or turkey.

Organic, Kosher, Non-irradiated, Non-ETO

Why does NON-ETO matter?

  • The National Cancer Institute describes the chemical used for it, ethylene oxide, as being “highly explosive and reactive” and they categorize it under cancer-causing substances. The World Health Organization classifies it at as Group 1 carcinogen, which is their most dangerous category for known and suspected agents.


Organic dehydrated onion, organic fennel, organic oregano, organic basil, organic dehydrated garlic, organic red & green bell peppers, organic chilies, organic marjoram, organic parsley, organic thyme, organic shallots, organic chives.

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Italian Medium heat Seasoning