Whole Bean-Decaf Organic Coffee

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"Whole Bean Serenity: Rooted in Nature's Rhythms"

*Cut off for ordering coffee is the Monday of the delivery week, the coffee is roasted on Tuesdays.

1- Small batch roasted organic Decaf whole beans 16oz (1lb) of beans final weight will be less due to bean normal moisture loss. Est. weight after roasts is 0.865 lbs.

This is a Full City roast Medium/Dark. Swiss Water Process.

Roasted in small batches in quartz glass no plastic: by Leah Hill at Harvest Hills Ranch.

This High Grown bean features the best coffee of Brazil and the Mountain Water Process means you don't have to worry about the use of chemicals in the decaffeination process. If we didn't tell you, you wouldn't know this is Decaf coffee. That's how rich and flavorful this bean is. All the flavor you want without the buzz. A much-loved product at HARVEST Hills Ranch

  • Cupping Notes: Notes of milk chocolate and caramel with hints of orange and a creamy body - roasted full medium.
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Whole Bean-Decaf Organic Coffee